Top Ten Most Beneficial Fruit to Your Body

10 most beneficial fruits for health. Which ranked first Apple, because Apple is rich in fiber material, can add enough fiber body to reduce the incidence of heart disease, you can also lose weight. Many Americans put the fruit as a weight-loss must, one day a week diet, eat only apples that day, known as "Apple Day. "

One summed up the Apple food Singaporeans experience: eat sweet apples obesity, diabetes, eating sour apples, ripe apples to eat Solutions constipation, diarrhea treatment eating raw apples. Apple nutrient-rich, to fitness, disease prevention, Therapy of. Experimental results show: diabetes Yichi sour apples; prevention of cardiovascular disease and obesity should be chosen sweet apple; treatment of constipation to eat cooked apples; before going to bed to eat fresh apple, can eliminate oral bacteria, improve renal function; raw apple juice Juice can prevent coughing and hoarse; applesauce after heating food, is good for children and the elderly prescription indigestion.
Apple came in after the apricot, and then were banana, blackberry, blueberry, melon, cherry, cranberry, grapefruit, and purple grapes. Their respective advantages are as follows:
Second: apricot, rich in β carotene, can help people a good intake of vitamin A.
Third place: bananas, high levels of potassium, which is the human heart and muscle function is very good. Third place: bananas, high levels of potassium, which is the human heart and muscle function is very good.
Fourth place: blackberry, blackberry the same weight of fiber material content is 3 times more than other fruits, there is no doubt that the heart health.
Fifth place: Blueberry is a special fruit, eat more blueberries can reduce the risk of urinary tract infection.
Sixth: melon, vitamin A and C levels are high, is the ideal food vitamin supplements.
Seventh: cherry, can help people protect heart health.
Eighth: cranberries, can help reduce the risk of urinary tract infection.
Ninth: grapefruit, high vitamin C content.
Tenth: purple grapes, and its flavonoids and other substances to provide triple protection for the heart.


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